Sinman Dance Company

Sinman Dance Company was formed in June 2002. The Company aims to promote and develop Chinese dance and culture in the UK through public performances and activity workshops. Sinman Dance is an artist-led company in which the work is planned, produced and delivered by our artists. The Company's core members are professionally trained performing artists from China, Hong Kong & Taiwan who are all currently based in the UK. Together, we have built a healthy portfolio of work through past projects and events. 


Chinese Dance

The company is regularly promoting and developing Chinese culture in UK through public performances. Dance is our specialized area, and most dance works are specially tailored and create to the UK audiences. We have included many styles of Chinese traditional tribe dances, e.g. Ribbon dance; Fan dance; Mongolian; Dai and Tibetan dance etc...

         We have been performed in many events at all scales, i.e. Libraries, Outdoor festivals, theatres such as Queen Elizabeth Hall, Barking Broadway, Harrow Civic Centre, British Museum, Clore studio at Royal Opera House etc...       

Chinese Education

The company has an excellent reputation for educational work, and is committed to providing high quality educational workshops. 

We deliver an introductory programme on Chinese Culture and offer accessible dance classes of Chinese traditional techniques to schools, universities, museums and arts organisations. We also aim to widen the movement possibilities by collaborating with other dance styles. Detailed information on our education work is available on request. Detail information on our education programme is available on request.  

Chinese Cultural Activities

While China become the fastest growing country in the world. It draws so many attentions toward its history; economy; culture and of course problem. More and more schools and colleges in the UK are boosting their curriculum with Chinese related topics and cultural activities; enable the students to understand each others' differences.    

 Throughout the years; we provide Chinese cultural activities to schools; libraries and museums. 

All artists are trained at home country and working in the UK. This would directly benefit not only the art forms as well as students' understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture

What can we offer:   

Chinese Variety Show

Over the past years, the annual Chinese New Year Festival becomes important part of the company. We have been successfully running these festivals for seven consecutive years. We invite overseas artists from China together with local artists to perform in schools and communities. The past exiting programme has included acrobats; Changing Face; Dragon dance; Chinese music and traditional dance as well as Martial arts. The highly skilful and entertaining programmes always become the central attention of the events, and applause by the UK audiences. 


New Creation

The company regularly creates new dance works which derive from the fusion of Chinese cultural influences combined with the social and cultural issues that inform our experience of living in the UK. 

Previous works: 


Fire of Hope

Tibetan Dance

Red Fan